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2020. 01. 08

about “Rectus abscission”


Yuka NewYorkYoga has few program for after child birth.

*Postnatal Yoga

*pelvic floor class by rubber band



Of course  ,We have a prenatal class as well:)

I’d love to you to know the Child birth is not only “deliver”

We should take care of  us before and after birth.

If not, we’ll possibility get some symptoms.

and Also effect to next child birth.

Especially ,abs.

Have you heard about Rectus abscission?

I’ve been teaching Pre/Post Yoga almost 7years .

but  almost all pregnant women haven’t  known about it.


①Rectus muscle②white line③Pubic symphysis

about Rectus abscission

you can see that picture of white line which is connect to right and left ab muscle (Rectus muscle).When pregnant women gets grow her  belly, the muscle is  slightly  wide and extended  ,then   ab muscle separate wide and open.


a little while ago, Rectus abscission is showed up some Pregnant women  in third trimester and women who after few  months birth .

but Now, some women even not pregnant and had child  birth past few years ago.

Why Rectus abscission is happened ???

The reason are few.

One of most common reasons  is  less muscle ,

Looseness of whole body muscles and ligaments due to hormone secretion from the  change life style .

Also,The base of the white line leads to the pubic symphysis so, if the pelvis loosens and opens, the rectus abdominal muscles also open.


Generally, we can’t see Rectus abscission.

When the stomach is strong /tense we can see some swell out.

This”swell out”is Rectus abscission.

When Rectus abs separate ,

1)the fetal position is herd to keep.

If rectus abs is weak, belly is  stretched sideways being pulled   by growing uterus and  baby assume difficult to keep  position.

The possibility of knee extension posture or lying down


If you have rectus abdominal muscle ,

It’ll be easy to get Caesarean section often and the baby willing to  lateral position.

2:It’ll be difficult to recover westline.

Because a part of the abdominal muscle is collapsed

It may cause stomach  after giving birth.

After  recover pelvic , we focus on muscle. So not to do abs first.


It’s really not good doing abs training after birth by yourself.

If you not change/recover your pelvic , you’ll get deformed muscle ……

I personally ,  the mother who after birth is so beautiful and sparkling.

I think/feel she was reborn.

I believe life is a wonderful experience when you have the chance to reset your body after childbirth.

By the way, there are many cases where care cannot be taken alone after giving birth, so I would like you to come to the studio and have some postpartum training with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are looking forward to see you 🙂